I can help you to resolve your family law issues in three ways


As your mediator, I can help you and your spouse arrive at a settlement

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I can help you negotiate the terms of a separation agreement, cohabitation agreement or marriage contract

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Litigation & Arbitration

I can take your case to court or to arbitration

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"Your help was priceless! Thank you from my heart for the help that you provided to me in the absolute most difficult time in my life. Without your help, I am aware, that I would not have had the opportunity to nurture and build upon the positive relationship that I have with my two amazing sons. Thank you".


Pantalone Family Law

When you are engrossed in the emotional turmoil of a separation or divorce, resources – both financial and emotional – are often needlessly expended.  I can empower you to get through the turmoil.

You need a family lawyer who will:

  • Provide you with sensitive and definitive legal advice.
  • Guide you, whether you are in the midst of a separation, planning to marry, or varying an existing agreement or court order.

I strive to provide you with quality yet affordable legal services to individuals involved in family law cases; essentially, to provide sensible solutions and results in a cost-effective and timely manner.

My goal, as a family lawyer, has always been and remains, to assist you during this difficult and emotional time.



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We offer an initial consultation (usually one hour in duration), payable at an hourly rate, in order to provide you with as much information as possible in regards to both process, and the substantive issues to be resolved.

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